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Ruskis is a Caviar & Vodka Tavern where the interiors showcase the 120 year old history of the bar, with elements hinting at Imperial Russia, Soviet Russia and post-revolutionary Russia. The interior is elegant, with elegant fabrics and finishings, yet distressed – indicative of surviving a great many changes in a turbulent country.
Wood cornicing (reminiscent of 1920s Art Deco) meet distressed walls with painted wall posters showing faded Soviet propaganda. Plush red velvet seating meet herringbone distressed and painted wooden floors. Elongated tables with copper tops and small table lamps with dark shades will accommodate guests. Seating cushions are removable and placed under or behind the banquette, allowing for guests to stand / dance on the seats or sit behind the top of the backrest.
Although Ruskis has two distinct rooms, as the party grows, the energy, music and lighting will unite them both and create one long party area.
The Russian theme décor includes, vintage lamps, painted Soviet posters, vintage Russian books, and quirky curios from the “Motherland”.




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